"POMOLO" concrete door knobs

Monday, January 6, 2014

Description :

The URBI AND ORBI workshop is the result of a new trend in the design and manufacture of concrete objects.
We have included in the 2013 product catalog the "Pomollo", which we are proud to present here.
Its manufacturing raw material is an internationally recognized cement mixture, familiar to man and the environment, the most advanced evolved CCV revealed by specialized industry.
Some time ago, when we had to buy knobs for a room in our offices, someone suggested that instead of buying them, we would make our concrete door knobs.

We had already been surprised by the possibilities of this material, which we used, and did not hesitate to test this idea.
The result was tremendous. So we decided to complete a "pomolo" series of four sizes. It is available in four D templates (44-72-85-170mm), with M4 or M8 threads.

Our advice: if you do not need them for your doors and gates, the pomolo can be screwed to the wall of your bathroom or living room, and thus constitute an original coat rack.

The Pomolo became the foal of our workshop.
From the moment it was only an idea, we have not stopped believing in its success.
  And others will follow. At the workshop, we are already preparing the next series.

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