Spa Izaro of 7 places

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Description :

Izaro is a 7-seater spa, designed for use in commercial environments, or for collectives, it will provide an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation in the wellness area of ??the hotel.

Created as an infinity jacuzzi, it is the ideal complement to an indoor swimming pool, where sports enthusiasts, guests or guests can relax with chromotherapy techniques thanks to its LED spotlights, A rewarding enveloping bath.

Izaro is the most complete and luxurious spa in the commercial range.

Information on the energy consumption and power requirements in the technical specifications refer to the recommended filtration device to achieve the best performance from the spa. Aquavia Spa independently markets the kit of machines for the operation of the Izaro model. For other technical specifications, please consult the relevant supplier.

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