Anpi Linen SA, is the new brand for the export of Pantelis Kirpoglou SA & Iosifidis SA, launched by Anastassios Kirpoglou and Panagiotis Iosifidis, two Greek companies founded in 1957. The two companies have developed over the years, becoming owners in 1975 two weaving factories, one yarn dyeing plant, two embroidery factories and numerous outlets. Notably active in the fabric sector for the hotel industry, in 2000, they decided to create a commercial department that deals in particular and directly with hotel units, healthcare establishments, hospitals, communities, passenger ships or cruise etc.

The results of this commercial venture, which exceed all expectations, justify the decision made in 2006 to focus exclusively on this activity. For the sake of competitiveness and efficiency, the two companies set up at the same time in Egypt, in partnership with a local operator. This initiative makes it possible to work directly with their source of cotton supply of the best quality. The Athens unit therefore devotes itself entirely to the execution of urgent orders and to the realization of personalized special series.

The reliability and the know-how of Pantelis Kirpoglou S.A. & Iosifidis S.A. impose them as one of the first suppliers of the sector of the tourism and the communities in Greece. Among our clients today are the most renowned Greek hotel chains, as well as several big names in the international hotel industry: Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Luxury Collection Hotels, The Sheraton Group, etc. Thus Anpi Linen S.A. has developed a department dedicated to export, which already operates in several European countries.

Anpi Linen product range

- Bed linen: sheets, duvets, comforters, duvet covers, bedspreads, pillows, pillow cases, pillow cases, bedspreads, alèzes
- Bath towels: towels, bathrobes, bath mats, shower curtains
- Pool & Spa: pool and sauna sheets, slippers, canvases for outdoor areas, pillow-wrapping fabrics and pillows for pool or beach beds
- Restaurant: fine tablecloths, runners, napkins, chair covers, curtains
- Catering: tablecloths of special fabric, skirts, napkins, chair covers
- Cruise ships & yachts: canvases of particular properties and exceptional durability.

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