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  • 18Years
  • 60Suppliers
  • 275078Products online

Comprehensive coverage of key sectors

  • Furniture, Furnishings, Layout
  • Tableware, Accessories
  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Sanitary
  • Flooring, Wallcovering
  • Linen, Textile
  • Decoration, Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Garden, Terrace, Furniture
  • Wellness, Fitness
  • Architecture, Laying out

Reach buyers from around the world

Function of the Marketplace

    • 1. A global search engine
    • We capture the purchasing intentions of professionals conducting an online search. In a few seconds we offer them the most relevant results.
    • 2. Optimized products pages
    • We display content detailing your products and services, optimized for quality contact.
    • 3. Qualified commercial contacts
    • Professionals request information or a quote, sent directly by email and also available in your customer area.
    • 3. New qualified visitors
    • Visitors are redirected to the page of your site presenting the product they were viewing on our Marketplace. They finalize the purchase process on your site according to your conditions.

A presentation optimized for making contact

    • 1
    • Title of your product or service
    • 2
    • Picture of your product or service
    • 3
    • Description and characteristics
    • 4
    • Logo clickable to your other elements
    • 5
    • Suggestion of your other products
    • 6
    • Documentation, quote, links to your site

A simple and ergonomic management interface

    • Manage your content 24/7
    • Add and modify your elements online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Monitor your performance
    • Check the performance of your pages with weekly, monthly and annual monitoring
    • Track your leads
    • Receive free quote requests by email and via your interface

Why list your products on the Marketplace ?

    • 1
    • Promote your products
    • Enhance your company and your brands and consolidate your position as a key actor in your market.
    • 2
    • Increase your visibility
    • Take advantage of our marketing tools to improve your visibility on the internet and optimize your SEO.
    • 3
    • Identify your future clients
    • Generate new qualified business contacts and receive quotes requests from professionals interested in your products.
    • 4
    • Measure your returns
    • Access our secure interface and track your performance: page views, clicks, appearances in the results and suggestions, requests for quotes...

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