Rollable Garage Door

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Description :

The new general design of the ROLENTO garage door offers a sober and unique appearance. The wiring disappears in the slide (1).

The installation is carried out with a 230 V socket. Your partner is responsible for commissioning the door without the help of an electrician.

The new garage door is very wind resistant thanks to the patented technique of apron clips and protects you from burglary.

The new control incorporates interior lighting and a control button. With each movement of the apron, the lighting automatically switches on / off.

For a more comfortable handling of your door, we recommend a radio motor. Do not get out of the car in the rain to open your door. Simplify your life!

A key switch or a digicode can be connected.

Box system with fixed bearing housing (B1) or with winding system (B2), with sound insulation. Ideal for outdoor or indoor installation. Door B1 is available with ALUMINO 55 and 77 blades, doors B2 and B3 only with ALUMINO 77 blade.

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