Trevira GmbH (Germany) is an innovative European producer of high-end Polyester fibers. The Company is renowned around the world for its flame retardant Polyester fibers and yarns, which have "built-in safety". The fire-retardant effect anchored in the fiber makes the textile flame-resistant for life. And will not be impaired by washing, UV or wear. Under the Trevira CS brand, these permanently fire-resistant fabrics are used in the community sector as curtains, decorative fabrics, upholstery and bedding.

They provide a secure, attractive and comfortable environment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, public buildings, the railway sector, the aviation industry and cruise ships. Trevira CS fabrics are tested and certified according to the main international fire standards and IMO resolutions for the maritime sector.

More than 1,000 collections with more than 5,000 designs are available in Trevira CS worldwide.

Trevira CS fabrics are used in all textile applications:

- Curtains
- Decoration fabrics
- Furnishing
- Slat blinds
- Roller blinds
- Sliding panels
- Wall hangings
- Partition panels
- Bedding
- Table cloth

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