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Saturday, January 12, 2019Description :
"A form without folds is only a volume without form": Plissé by Michele De Lucchi This kettle is reminiscent of an haute couture dress, like a fabric that a thick pleating transforms into a three-dimensional shape. "The Plissé kettle’s shape is defined by its folds, a technique that is quite old but still very much in use today. With the skilful and creative use of pleating, fashion designers shape fabrics and create clothes like sculptural works of art. Plissé was shaped starting from a folded sheet of paper, then developed and produced by Alessi as if it were a beautiful sartorial object. The folds give form to the shape, they structure it, because a form without folds is only a volume without form. The folds transform simple two-dimensional sheets into three-dimensional objects.? Michele De Lucchi on Plissé kettle #Plissé #kettle Director: Mario Greco

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