Duravit presents its ideal shower area, a spacious and trendy space


Duravit presents its ideal shower area, a spacious and trendy space
Monday, October 22, 2018Description :

A quick freshen-up or soothing relaxation – a perfect shower area offers both. The trend in new buildings and modernizations is moving towards generously proportioned, preferably flush-fit walk-in shower areas that offer comfort and safety in equal measure. With the right planning and product selection, the shower zone can become the favorite part of the bathroom.

Floor-flush showers also play to their strengths in rooms where only a smaller shower area is possible: no more tripping hazards and they look good in any bathroom! The choice is usually between a shower tray with a slight upturn, such as the P3 Comforts and Starck series, or a completely floor-flush solution. The Stonetto shower tray with its stone-like, anti-slip surface and concealed drain meets the most exacting standards: it can be installed flush with the floor, recessed or surface mounted, is available in twelve sizes and the colors White, Sand, Anthracite and Concrete gray. It can either harmonize with the tiles or set a contrast. A new outlet system, made from matt DuraSolid® has been developed for the shower tray that guarantees excellent drainage. Stonetto is therefore ideal for the heavier water flow from spray heads and rain showerheads.

Shower sets with a hand shower, hose and rail with a height-adjustable mounting are standard. More upmarket models additionally have a showerhead, such as the complete system in the C.1 tap fitting collection.

The practical all-in-one solution offers an enjoyable showering experience and is available as a solution for renovations without requiring complex in-wall work. It includes a showerhead (240mm), hand shower (120mm) and thermostat or single-lever showerhead mixer. Thermostat-controlled faucets guarantee a constant water temperature.

The spray wand in modern showers typically comes as a rain shower with a larger showerhead. Additionally, high-end rain or tropical showers often mix air with the water, which makes the drops feel extra-soft, like a warm summer rain. The hand shower is more flexible, which usually offers a range of adjustment options – from a standard stream through massaging streams right up to an aerated soft stream. Duravit offers stick showers or rainfall hand showers in a range of sizes with up to three stream types that can be quickly selected using the click! switching mechanism.

A shower curtain is the simplest, most cost-effective yet also the most uncomfortable solution for spray protection. Glass doors are a more upmarket option. The OpenSpace and OpenSpace B models, which create precious room, are a space-saving and elegant alternative. After showering, the glass doors are simply ?folded? back against the wall, concealing the shower fittings and hose, so the bathroom looks tidy and it creates not only the impression of space, but actual usable space! Mirrored glass is offered as an option for the shower fittings side. This also underlines the visual effect of OpenSpace - the bathroom appears much larger. Anyone planning an open shower without a door should allow for at least an additional 60 centimeters as spray protection.

Shelves for utensils that you want to keep to hand are essential. Seating areas and hand grips provide additional comfort in the shower area. The OpenSpace program offers a handle, a basket and a practical, folding seat – all of which is perfectly tailored to the measurements of OpenSpace and OpenSpace B. The P3 Comforts shower stool is comfortable and safe and can be used in the bathroom as a stylish accessory.

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