Novobon Prima and Novilon Viva: Forbo sees big things for the habitat floors!

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Novobon Prima and Novilon Viva: Forbo sees big things for the habitat floors!
Friday, July 18, 2014Description :
Soft Flooring Specialist Forbo Flooring Systems offers bold solutions to decorate the floors of individual and collective habitats within an exclusive distribution network. Through a wide range of PVC coverings, Forbo cultivates design!

To meet the aesthetic and functional codes of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and circulations, the Novilon Prima and Novilon Viva floorings draw inspiration from the ultra modern wood and concrete designs, combining warmth and refinement. This creates a trendy, durable cocoon with a hushed atmosphere ... "for every moment of life! "

A multitude of atmospheres sober and warm dedicated to the habitat!

For the connoisseurs of the soil combining trend and conviviality, Forbo lifts the veil over a wide range of tints and very realistic patterns. Novilon Prima and Viva coverings reveal sober and inviting decorations: elegant, cozy woody tones such as the Novilon Prima Harvest 89165 reveal a subtle wood effect with finely crafted shades and colors, and variations of industrial styles such as concrete, zinc, Metal, like the Novilon Viva Bassano 6587, for a chic and modern steel look.

The Novilon Prima and Novilon Viva ranges are inspired by natural materials for true-to-life rendering with state-of-the-art technology and reveal surprising finishes for particularly pleasant interiors.

For Forbo Flooring Systems, design is not enough: with its floors very popular in homes, the Group takes care of consumers. The Novilon Prima and Novilon Viva coatings exhibit low levels of volatile organic compounds, enabling them to obtain the A + classification (TVOC <250 ?g / m3). The guarantee of a healthy inner atmosphere, contributing to the well-being of men!

In addition to an exceptional design offer, these two versions of the Novilon range bring together technical advantages that will be highly appreciated by the users. New performances made possible by the multilayer composition of Novilon solutions.


A floor that lasts again and again ... Resistance to any test and guarantee product 20 years!

A layer of wear reinforced by the Diamond Seal surface treatment provides resistance, ease of maintenance and increased durability to Novilon solutions. Thus, even when the ground is intensively used, Prima and Viva's advanced technology is able to offer consumers a 20-year guarantee that is unprecedented and resolutely seductive ... an exclusive Forbo Flooring Systems!


Comfort, safety and privacy to make the habitat a real cocoon!

Novilon Prima and Novilon Viva floor coverings consist of a fiberglass web for increased dimensional stability and an elastic, absorbent foam layer for acoustic insulation and flexibility when walking.

In addition to providing true walking comfort, Novilon Prima and Novilon Viva are equipped with the Aquagrip R10 process. Protecting the floor, this technology also provides the habitat with a non-slip security reducing the risk of slippage.

Thanks to the Novilon Prima and Novilon Viva floor coverings, which are available in 2 and 2.4 mm thick respectively, Forbo offers consumers acoustic comfort. With acoustic impact noise of? LW = 14 dB for Prima and? LW = 16 dB for Viva, impact sounds are reduced to a felted effect highly appreciated by users ... and their neighbors!


Easy implementation for all

The acoustic vinyl flooring imagined by Forbo Flooring Systems is available in large widths (2, 3 or 4 meters according to reference): formats are easier and quicker to implement for the professional as well as the individual. The Viva and Prima strips can be installed freely (without glue, with double-sided adhesive tape at the periphery and under the joints up to 40 m²), guaranteeing a simple installation and faster removal in the future.

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