Vorwerk extends its offer of 100% eco-friendly flexible floor coverings

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Vorwerk extends its offer of 100% eco-friendly flexible floor coverings
Friday, October 10, 2014Description :
Recognized for the quality of its carpets, Vorwerk also stands out in the market for flooring by its global ecological approach and its unique offer. Innovative, committed and making creativity its spearhead, Vorwerk does not deny its corporate culture resolutely turned towards eco-responsibility. Vorwerk is committed to bringing relevant, aesthetic and environmentally friendly solutions to the needs of individuals and professionals, and is once again distinguished by the breadth, quality and originality of its offer.

Initiated in collaboration with architect Hadi Teherani for the 30 initial decors, the RE / COVER green range, the first eco-friendly floor covering, is being extended with the PARTS collection: 32 additional shades to satisfy the most creative decorators.

For a durable, powerful and original floor

To unleash the creativity of architects and designers, the RE / COVER green range combines seven decorative themes, which are re-declined in 62 shades. An ultra-creative and original solution par excellence, it mixes endlessly with Scale self-adhesive carpet tiles to make the floor a space of creation and expression in its own right.

The original RE / COVER green collection draws its inspiration from the forms of nature. It is divided into four universes: plain, printed, Minimal grid and Digital code.

The unities present small circular patterns in relief, such as fine bubbles bursting at the surface of a calm stretch of water. Their glittering rendering is available in 12 shades in the Sparkling Gray category for black and white gray shades or in Sparkling Color to make the shades shine.

The prints find their inspiration in three organic universes: wood, stone and metal with respectively Endless wood, Volcanic dash and Raw diamonds. In all, 18 variations around these themes imitate with striking realism the aspect of the materials goals. Thanks to an exclusive process, the printed decors have an unprecedented refinement.

Digital code and Minimal grid find their roots in the digital age. Presenting respectively two and four modern and colorful versions, these models highlight the most contemporary aesthetic codes.


PARTS, 32 new shades in the RE / COVER green collection by Vorwerk

To offer more and more ecological alternatives without compromise on design, Vorwerk is expanding its RE / COVER green offering from a new range of the same composition, PARTS, for the equipment of professional premises and local authorities , As in the residential.

In search of new creative proposals, Vorwerk immersed himself in the graphic universe of traditional building materials (mainly stone and wood) to add 32 authentic and warm shades to his RE / COVER green collection.

The new, particularly realistic PARTS decorations are designed to offer natural beauty and are available in slabs and slabs (20 x 120 cm, 50 x 100 cm, 40 x 60 cm) to allow all combinations.

Moreover, the wooden decors proposed in blades, allow to faithfully reproduce a traditional parquet, with broken sticks or chevrons. Declined in soft natural tones and sharp colors, slabs or blades, PARTS has limits only those of creativity itself.

Thanks to its exemplary environmental commitment and unprecedented creative proposals, Vorwerk contributes day after day to making the soil a space of expression in its own right.

The PARTS and RE / COVER green ranges are marketed by floor covering companies.

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