ACOVA towel radiators for central heating and electric heating

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ACOVA towel radiators for central heating and electric heating
Tuesday, September 23, 2014Description :
ACOVA, a Zehnder Group company, sells central heating and electric heating radiators and heated towel rails in France for the home, renovation and renovation markets. Specialist in customized decorative radiators for bathroom and living rooms.

Pioneer of the towel radiator in France, Acova has innovated since its inception to anticipate new needs in terms of comfort, performance and design. As it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the brand is more than ever in tune with the times and on the lookout for the latest trends.

Because the bathroom is a unique and warm room, Acova is constantly renewing itself in order to offer a wide range of hot water, mixed and electric towel radiators of impeccable quality, Elegant aesthetics. With varied models, a wide range of colors and intelligent programming, Acova towel radiators adapt to all trends and budgets to transform the bathroom into a wellness area par excellence.

Each bathroom has its Acova heated towel radiator

Because each bathroom is unique, Acova designs towel radiators that integrate harmoniously into all interiors. By varying the design, colors, functionality, dimensions and power of its models, Acova meets every need, budget, need and bathroom configuration.

Trendy design: flat and sleek looks

To match the most modern bathrooms, Acova has designed ultra-thin towel radiators with clean lines.

With its sleek, symmetrical design enhanced by metal finishes, the Altima Spa towel radiator blends seamlessly into contemporary bathrooms.

Designed by King & Miranda designers, the ultra-thin Nuage and Plume models add a touch of lightness to the bathroom. Incorporating Acova's Carbon Technology, they are 3 times lighter than conventional radiators, with a thickness of only 16 mm and optimum heating comfort.

To sublimate the original materials of its towel radiators and give a contemporary and refined character to the bathroom, Acova also offers four metallic finishes totally in the air of time: chrome, stainless steel, aluminum and Technoline.

Smart trend: towel radiators always more practical and astute

Often narrow and in space reduced, the bathrooms impose a rigorous arrangement. Acova offers towel heating radiators in sophisticated formats (height from 80 cm, short width from 40 cm, swivel, claustra, etc.), to meet the most demanding planning constraints Complex.

The Karena Spa model is available in a wide range of sizes, including 40 cm wide for narrow spaces, as well as a lighter to fit under a window.

With its integrated blower, the Regate Twist + Air model rotates 180 ° to facilitate access to towels and provide additional heat. Asymmetric, it is proposed with pivot to the right or to the left.

Thanks to its small dimensions and delicate chrome-plated brass finish, the Navy heated towel rail fits perfectly into old homes and hotel rooms for more design and minimal clutter.

Available in claustra version, the towel radiator Cala allows to create different spaces while heating the bathroom.

Accessibility for all

To make life easier for people with reduced mobility in the bathroom, Acova offers a new electric version of its Cala towel radiator, now equipped with the infrared IRS wall thermostat.

This range perfectly meets the expectations of property developers, eager to meet the standards of accessibility in new housing. Practical and easy to use, the IRS control can be fixed at your fingertips, on the wall or on a base, allowing easy access, even for people in wheelchairs.

Trend colors and finishes metal

The first brand to have sold factory-made radiators, Acova adapts to all decorative trends by offering a wide range of colors and finishes on all its towel radiators.

To allow each person to personalize his interior, the Acova color chart, rich in 50 colors, is organized around three families of current hues and trends:

Urban: colors inspired by urban architecture that dress radiators of a refined style,

Vitamin: vitamin shades that make the place to live,

Origin: natural-inspired hues that invite relaxation, softness and comfort.

Comfort trend: ever more intelligent towel radiators

To enjoy a hot bathroom whatever the season, Acova offers the "mixed combined" function, which allows the electric function to be used even when the central heating circuit is running. At the time of the bath, the electrical function takes over the boiler or the heat pump to provide additional heat, summer and winter.

For fans of instantaneous heat at the exit of the bath, Acova also offers towel radiators with integrated blower (Cala + Air, Regatta + Air, Regatta Twist + Air). Fixed to the back of the radiator, the blower has a cladding in the same color that makes it invisible. With a power of 1000 Watts, it brings an immediate heat and on demand, while remaining silent thanks to the process + Air by turbine. Independent, it can be activated alone or in addition to the radiator, even when the boiler is at a standstill.

Low energy consumption: energy-saving towel radiators

Acova offers intelligent programming solutions on its electric and mixed towel radiators to adapt comfort to the needs and rhythm of users, while saving energy.

Acova has a wide range of controls that combine comfort and energy savings, including "offset" controls, which are particularly easy to use on a daily basis and practical to free the radiator from any apparent case:

• Remote programmable infrared thermostat IR-PROG: It installs on the wall or on a base provided to facilitate access to the adjustment controls. An infrared receiver integrated discreetly at the bottom of the radiator makes it possible to preserve its aesthetics.

Functions of the IR-PROG thermostat:

- Customizable daily and weekly programming,

- Room temperature setting, multi-function mode selector,

- Timer function: forced operation adjustable from 30 min to 4 h,

- Programmable absence mode from 1 to 365 days,

- Backlit LCD display,

- Choice of temperature display (setpoint or ambient).

• IRS Infrared Remote Thermostat, wall or base mounted, available in white or chrome. It allows to modify the setpoint temperature accurately and to program up to two temperature rises per day.

IRS thermostat functions:

- Digital display of time / setpoint temperature,

- Setpoint temperature from 7 to 28 ° C in steps of 0.5 ° C,

- Two daily programming,

- Programming range from 15 min to 2 h,

- Compatible wire pilot 6 orders.

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