New range of Runtal COSMOPOLITAN radiators with minimalist design

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New range of Runtal COSMOPOLITAN radiators with minimalist design
Saturday, November 1, 2014Description :
Runtal COSMOPOLITAN is a new range of radiators with a minimalist design that gives it a unique and universal character. Created in partnership with the designers King and Miranda, this range of radiators offers an impressive choice of configurations and a line of astute and aesthetic accessories.

Moreover, thanks to the wide range of shades, notably Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, Runtal COSMOPOLITAN offers an incomparable personality to all exceptional pieces.

Runtal COSMOPOLITAN is distinguished by a triangular relief frame that stretches along the wall, giving all its character to this radiator. The generous heating surfaces provide exceptional thermal radiation for comfort and a gentle atmosphere throughout its environment.

Broadening the scope of possibilities

The Runtal COSMOPOLITAN radiator range with its vertical or horizontal elements, in its extended or straight position, and its modular frame concept offer multiple configurations of applications in a wide range of sizes, powers and colors.

Runtal COSMOPOLITAN thus allows a great freedom of personalization to heat each room of the habitat, whatever its territory of expression.

High-end accessories

Designers King & Miranda have created an exclusive line of high-quality accessories for Runtal COSMOPOLITAN. Hook, shelf, large and small towel rail in stainless steel or chrome can easily integrate on the front.

The Runtal COSMOPOLITAN radiators are magnificently influenced by a rich color scheme of refined colors and colors borrowed from Le Corbusier. The radiators run elegantly in a living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Innovative and discreet equipment

Runtal COSMOPOLITAN is available in 3 versions: central, mixed or electric heating. In its electric or mixed versions, the radiator is available without regulation (especially for use in living rooms) or with an infrared thermostat handy (for installation in the bathrooms).

In the central heating version, Runtal COSMOPOLITAN is available with 2 types of connection: a conventional connection or a new integrated valve system. This innovation allows complete integration of the connections at the rear of the radiator: only the control remains visible and accessible in the lower part, with its adjustment wheel.

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